Graduates from these programmes are offered an in-depth education in all aspects of Creative Design. During the course of their studies in IT Sligo they develop essential soft and hard skills that respond to core competencies, from the ability to  model and visualise solutions through user-focused research to an awareness of relevant cultural contexts. Our students understand the diverse and rich contribution design makes to 21st century living.

The most significant aspect of the BA in Creative Design is that it affords the student the opportunity to work and create in a variety of design contexts. Whether they are designing Apps for people with mobility issues; or creating environments that respond to multigenerational living; or designing accessories for the car of the future, our students learn to work and develop ideas in collaboration with external bodies and companies. These real-life skills are essential ingredients in the designer’s toolbox.

Students also have the opportunity to travel abroad on Erasmus Exchange to the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya in Vilanova, Spain and Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall, Sweden.

Design creates culture. Culture shapes value. Values determine the future.
Robert L. Peters,
Designer of ‘Solace House’