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Fine Art
Úna Dunphy
Level 8
I was born in Cork and by 2014 had completed a degree in Sociology at University College Cork. For many years I have been involved in many communal projects with teenagers through city led organisations. These projects combined both my passion of art and community work and led to my decision to return to college at IT Sligo.
My work has been influenced by the feminist movement and issues surrounding it. Drawing is my main practice. After introducing typewriting into the work, the drawings became more focused, employing a more reduced range of elements. The use of fragile, handmade paper absorbs the limited colour of red and black ink. By incorporating strong, emotive text into the work, some sentences become repetitive, while the typewriter obscures text through human error. Large amounts of space are left surrounding the text, giving it breadth and significance, which contrasts to the dark overlapping text in many pieces.
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