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Fine Art
Nadia Tamerji
Level 7
I am of Irish – Lebanese background. Visiting family from all around the world has given me lots of opportunities to experience different cultures. Norse mythology has been a passion throughout my life.
My theme is the contemporary grotesque. I explore this in a variety of ways. I use partly sewn fabrics and other materials hung and draped or alternatively stretched across armatures. The imagery upon the surfaces is formed using mixed media and collage. In the latest series the relationship between photography and material is the primary focus. I’m interested in questions about how we live together on the planet earth. Are organisms just algorithms and is life just data processing? What is more valuable – intelligence or consciousness? Photography allows me to inflate specific parts of the body to expose uncomfortable sensations. The project is influenced by the Historian and writer Yuval Noah Harari, especially his book ‘Home Deus’ (2015)
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