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Fine Art
Jasmine Mooney
Level 7
Jasmine Mooney is a Donegal based artist. From childhood Mooney has had a strong interest in creating art and was heavily influenced by her parents. Her father owns his own ship building and restoration company and her mother has a history in fashion and merchandising. It was their continuous love and support that inspired Mooney to pursue a career as an artist. Working with acrylic paint, Mooney’s work puts an animated twist on the human figure. Typically representing teenagers, her work bursts with colour and energy. She likes her paintings to be eye-catching and joyous. Mooney wants her work to be relatable to young adults, often giving her characters props such as mobile phones to accompany their playful attitudes. Inspired by street fashion and drag queens. Mooney wants her work to look illustrative and cartoon like, as it represents her childlike outlook on life.
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