About Us

The Yeats Academy of Arts, Design and Architecture is a catalyst for creativity. It provides accessible learning experiences across creative disciplines that engage with and build on the rich cultural legacy and genius loci of our region. It illuminates the value of creativity and cultural contribution to society, and seeks to make a lasting contribution, locally and globally.

We aim to:
• Be Inquiring
• Be Innovative
• Be Engaged
• Be Collaborative
• Be Transformative
• Be Fearless

Whilst aware of our globalised and fluid surroundings – we draw on the existing ‘spirit of place’ of the north-west where we can see a display of the important dimension and distinctive powers that our place, our landscape, our region has on artistic and creative practice of this generation – as it has to generations of creative practitioners that have come from or been drawn to this magical, mythical, magnificent place with its deep rooted history, evocative landscape, rich culture and creative spirit.

We promote a creative process that sets meticulous importance on the investigation and interpretation of geographical, historical, cultural and social context - one that addresses key issues of global importance such as memory, identity and sense of place, unveiling layers of the past, and uniting them with the complexities of the present to innovate for the future.

We believe that just as poetry possesses universality as well as an acutely personal sentiment, all creative disciplines provide a perspective into how we interact and how we seek meaning between ourselves and the world that surrounds us.

We recognise the value of Creative Culture as an asset. We acknowledge the symbiotic link between a Creative Culture, a successful economy and a thriving society. We advocate that a Creative Culture can be an engine for economic and social development and become a path for economic growth. We realise that a Creative Culture is a powerful tool to engage citizens and communities, and is intrinsic to improving quality of life and living standards and can make a real difference to people’s lives. We believe that a Creative Culture provides the best possible platform from which to pursue key social goals, such as tackling disadvantage, inequality and accessibility. We support the vision for Project Ireland 2040  - to have ‘a  creative, innovative and culturally attuned society in our region, so that  people, businesses and communities are equipped to further both our national economic output and our artistic endeavour.’